21 with a line in my crown Tips For Healthy Hair

21 with a line in my crown  Tips For Healthy Hair

21 with a line in my crown

Having a line in your crown is normal for some people, right? I mean even if it only developed as you matured?

I recently noticed a line in my crown. It depends how my hair lays, but sometimes it’s from my swirl almost down the middle of the back of my head, and other times it is from my swirl on the right side traveling along the back of my head.

My hair has always been very fine and I recently have grown it longer, so idk if this just happens to be how my hair parts or not. I’m going to monitor it, and I decided to get on fin since my brother lost his hair either, although genetically it’s very hit or miss on both sides to lose it before you’re 35 or so.

Different time of the day I’ll put my hands through my crown and get maybe one or two out at a time. Usually it adds up to about 15 or so a "session". Then I won’t get anything out. Then later at night I’ll do it again and get like 15 more out. Is it reasonable to be getting hair out when you run your hands through your hair (fingers pinched together)? That has become almost an obsession for me if I’m sitting at my desk with nothing to do. I’m trying to stop though, because I figure I can’t possibly be doing myself any favors with that.

I know how you feel,running my hands through my hair to see how many hairs fall out has become my obsession also,its nearly impossible to resist.i guess it is normal to loose some hairs daily.I find the worst thing is when showering which i now dread due to the accumulation of hairs in my hands.

It’s a terrible catch 22 because on the one hand you want to know if it’s coming out, but on the other hand hair naturally comes out, so you’re just magnifying the normal shedding to yourself.

Also, I tend to think that battering my hair with my hands dozens of times a day probably knocks healthy hair out too.

Edit: Started playing with my hair about an hour ago. Got 35 out that I counted…it really is a ridiculously stupid thing to do. It’s like sucking air through a tooth when you’ve got a cavity though. My opinion is, if the hairs were just falling out (mpb), I probably could have gotten 35 out a lot faster. Part of me is worried about getting them out, and another part is thinking ‘well no **** hair is going to fall out when you do that, dummy.’

I’m 36 and I have the same exact line thing and am also wondering if it is normal. I have been getting so obsessed with the left side of the line. The line starts on top of my head and goes to the back by my swirl…almost like a L shape. But really what has been getting me lately is the left side of the line & I feel that the hair is maybe not as full there & I am constantly moving it around & it’s creating strange layering where I think I see skin under which not sure if this is balding or not. But honestly, sounds like yours is all good but not sure about mine. Currently not taking anything for it.

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